Pizza Margarita   12
House made vine-ripened tomato sauce, fresh basil, roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarellaand a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil                                                       

Sausage and Pepper    13
Italian sausage, pepperoncini, basil, roma tomatoes, olive oil,
fresh mozzarella and shaved Parmesan cheese                                                                  
Italian  13
Prosciutto, cappicola, Roma tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, fresh mozzarella and shaved Parmesan  cheese                                              
White Pizza   14
Garlic oil, Roma tomatoes, garlic, artichokes, and grilled chicken topped with fresh mozzarella and shaved Parmesan cheese.                                  

Truffle and Mushroom   13
Extra virgin olive oil, Portabello mushrooms, roasted Roma tomatoes, truffle sea salt and fresh mozzarella

Escargot Pizza   13

8" pizza with snails, olive oil, garlic, butter, and shaved parmesan cheese                      

Pizza Americana

Our traditional American-style pie, with a crust thick enough to hold more toppings

Choose an 8 inch personal pizza   9   Or a 12 inch pizza   12

Sauce Choices: Red sauce, olive oil or roasted garlic puree

Choice of Toppings (50¢ each)
Garlic, Basil, Artichokes, Red Onion, Diced Tomatoes, Pepperoni, Fresh Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Jalapenos, Pepperoncini, Capers, Sausage

Premium Toppings ($1 each)
Prosciutto, Cappicola, Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Anchovies, Portobello Mushrooms, Roma Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, Alfredo Sauce


Open for dinner thursday, friday & Saturday

3 p.m. to 9 p.m.